Courses offered by the Doctoral School

PhD training can be divided into three parts;

    • Science courses

These lists are not exhaustive, and you should first check whether a given course is eligible by contacting the representative of the university in which you are enroled within the Doctoral School Administration.

There is no  automatic confirmation email  sent once you have enrolled in a course via this form.

For all courses, you should register here beforehand (PLEASE FILL IN THE TRAINING CODE AND THE TITLE OF THE COURSE)

Below are the lists of courses offered by the STEP’UP Doctoral School, by type:

For more information, please contact your degree programme coordinator: Cécile Prigent for Earth and Environmental Sciences (Terre-Environnement, TE), and Irena Nikolic for Physics of the Universe (Physique de l’Univers, PU).

Translation carried out by the Masters 2 ILTS team