PhD graduate associations

D2I2 : Doctorants et Docteurs des deux Infinis (D2I2) is a social and professional network which is intended for PhD students and PhD graduates specialising in high-energy physics. D2I2 accompanies you throughout your studies, from the beginning of the Second year of your Master’s, during your PhD and even after!

ABGThe ‘Bernard Grégory’ association – Intell’agence (‘Intell’Agency’) – in France and abroad this association is the reference point in career guidance  for PhD graduates.

Les Cartésiens: The ‘Cartesians’ is a graduate association for PhD students at Paris Descartes and USPC.

DocPro: Professional profiling for PhD graduates: DocPro allows PhD graduates, businesses, doctoral schools and research labs to see the skills that a PhD graduate has acquired at different stages of his/her career. This association came about from a dialogue between academics and business stakeholders.

CARaDOC, Careers and Doctors, Paris-Saclay PhD network.


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