The HEKLA association

HEKLA brings together PhD students, researchers, academics and all staff, originally from the IPGP and STEP Department, as well as anyone linked to the STEP’UP Doctoral School. HEKLA’s mission is to create and promote exchanges between students and permanent staff in an informal setting.

Accordingly HEKLA organises different types of events throughout the year. To find out the latest news from HEKLA, follow their Facebook page @HeklaIPGP or else read their emails from

HEKLA’s main activities

Once or twice a month, HEKLA hosts the Café de la Terre. It takes place on Thursdays, following the IPGP general seminar. This is the opportunity to have a friendly exchange between students and guest speakers. Organising photo contests, sports events and trips is also part of our activities. Finally, HEKLA plays an active role every year during the Festival of Science.

Members of the association’s executive 2018-2019

Translation carried out by the Masters 2 ILTS team