The Doctoral School

The STEP’UP (Earth and Environment Science and Physics of the Universe in Paris) doctoral school 560 covers a broad range of scientific topics from Geoscience, Environment and Planetology to the Physics of the infinitely large and of the infinitely small. Every year, more than 55 PhD candidates defend their theses at the Doctoral School STEP’UP . Their research is conducted within one of six research laboratories, together with the 310 researchers and faculty members involved in PhD supervision.

Over 120 thesis subjects are proposed every year and applications to the doctoral school are open from December to June.

PhD graduates can go on to follow careers in research and teaching in French or foreign universities, positions in research institutions, geophysics and environment firms, or in areas such as the space industry, risk and insurance assessment, statistical analysis including big data and image processing, the computing and banking sectors, etc.




Translation carried out by the Masters 2 ILTS team