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CNRS emploi : CNRS job portal.

AAS Jobs Register : Astronomy-related jobs : post-docs, faculty positions, management and engineering posts.

EARTHWORKS Jobs : Geoscience research and technical jobs.

EGU Jobs : Vacancies in the Earth, planetary and space sciences.

INSPIRE-HEP Jobs page : A listing of academic and research jobs of interest to the community in high energy physics, nuclear physics, accelerator physics and astrophysics.

INSTN post-doctorate archive


Concours externe spécial “docteurs” pour l’Agrégation

Concours  externe spécial “docteurs” de l’ENA

Qualification aux fonctions de Maître de Conférences (required to apply for University positions) : Galaxie website


Post-doctoral contracts  of Initiative de Physique des Infinis, Sorbonne Université : call and application procedure