Doctoral training programme

The Doctoral School provides taught courses to all students with the goal of helping future PhD graduates in their professional lives. These courses are either degree programs directly linked to career development, or very specialised scientific degree programs, or professional degree programs meant for students to open up to subjects other than those of their thesis (to help them with their future career in a company or as academics / researchers). We especially recommend that new PhD students develop a broad set of skills and to avoid ‘over-specialisation’.

We believe that the training and professionalisation of PhD students is a continuum from very advanced scientific programs to very practical training, that the mix between the different courses is specific to each PhD student and that the degree programs provided by the doctoral schools (including STEP’UP), the Doctoral Training Center at UP Professional Insertion, the SU Doctoral Training Center or the Doctoral School for the PSL, are complementary.  PhD students have access to all of these courses.

Training in scientific ethics is mandatory and is available at all 3 doctoral schools. The doctoral school also organises a specific training programme.

For those who do not speak French,  there is an  ethics course online  in English:

The doctoral school also organises a Recruitment Day dedicated to career development. Taking part in this event is mandatory. This is part of the  PhD Student Conference, the organisation of which we strongly encourage you to take part in.

Opening up to other subjects also requires regular attendance at the seminars offered by the Doctoral School and in all laboratories.

The degree program supervisors for the Doctoral School are Irena Nikolic (for Physics of the Universe, PU), and Frédéric Girault and Cécile Prigent (for Earth and Environment, TE).


Translation carried out by the Masters 2 ILTS team