MT180 competition

The Three Minute Thesis Competition (in French ‘Ma thèse en 180 secondes’) aims to promote public understanding of science at the level of doctoral studies. Participants present their research project to a non-specialist, non-scientific and highly diverse audience. The challenge is to give a clear, concise and convincing presentation using simple terms, images and metaphors, all shown on a single slide in just three minutes.

More information on the official website.

The competition consists of several stages, starting at universities, then at the national level, and finally an international phase involving a number of French-speaking countries. The Doctoral School will send you the information from universities or university consortiums (USPC, PSL, Paris-Saclay University, etc.) regarding competition entries. Please note that this competition requires personal investment, as each candidate will have to take a specific course in his/her affiliated university group before the beginning of the first stage of the competition.

You can watch videos of previous performances at different stages of the competition on the 3MT YouTube channel, or simply by searching the YouTube search bar to access videos posted by universities.


Translation carried out by the Masters 2 ILTS team