Writing to be read and published

8 to 10 Ph’D students, Mainly second and third year students.

Acquire and master the practice of scientific writing.
Learn how to attract the attention of potential readers and ensure that they will find the information they seek ?

•What structure should follow an article and what is the specific role of each of its components ?
•How to structure each section ?
•How tables and figures should be combined?
•What are the most common mistakes that could easily could be avoided ?

These points will be systematically examined using examples from literature and articles written by the participants.

Organisation and Credits:
3 hours a week over 10 weeks.
To progress, participants will have to work between sessions (1 to 2 hours / week)
The course will be credited only for sufficient attendance that could be 7 out of 10 sessions.


  • Mostly english speakers
  • Type de formation : formation généraliste
  • Organisée par l’ED 560 – formation ouverte aux doctorants de l’ED560 et aux post-doctorants intéressés
  • Pascal RICHET
  • Langue : English
  • Dates : Probably in April 2019
  • Validation : 3 points