Neutrino Physics

Lectures plan:

(Lectures will be given from 10:00 to 13:00 in room 054A of Condorcet building and broadcast on zoom:

Meeting ID: 837 9374 8829
Passcode: 862746)

Monday June 20-Lecture 1: Introduction on Neutrino Physics

– Historical development of neutrino physics from the Pauli hypothesis to current state-of-the art

Wednesday  June 22-Lecture 2: Neutrino Oscillations

– Introduction on neutrino oscillations in vacuum and matter
– Neutrino oscillation phenomenology. Current status and future perspectives

Thursday June 23- Lecture 3: Neutrinos and Supernovae (I)

– Supernova (SN) explosion mechanism
– SN 1987A neutrino observations
– Limits on neutrinos and exotic particles

Friday June 24-Lecture 4: Neutrinos and Supernovae (II)

– Future SN neutrino observations
– Diffuse SN neutrino background
– Neutrino Oscillations in Dense Media

Informations: TRAINING CODE = ED-SPU-10

  • Contact: Alessandro Mirizzi (Université de Bari)
  •  10h-13h00,  June 20-June 24, 2022,  at APC (Condorcet),  room 054A
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