How to write papers for publication

Writing papers in peer reviewed journals is an ultimate goal of a scientist, but writing the first paper can be very challenging, even a nightmare, specially if your first paper gets rejected. A paper in a peer reviewed journal is not just copy and paste from a thesis, but the paper has to have its own structure, starting from the title, abstract, introduction, results, discussions and conclusion as if telling a story, where everything matters, even citing references. Therefore, one has to be very careful, thorough and meticulous in writing a paper, even though scientific results might be exciting.

In this course, I will introduce basics of ‘how to write a paper’ and then work with students analysing published papers, and their own papers to help them to write their first paper and high-quality big impact papers, keeping in mind the readers, who would the ultimate judge of the paper, otherwise, ‘who cares’. So if you are interested in writing a paper, then join us to ‘discover the fun in writing papers’.


Responsible teacher: Satish SINGH (

Location: IPGP Cuvier, Room P07

Dates/Time: March 6th / 13th / 20th / 27th and April 3rd from 2pm to 4pm

Training points: 2