Evolution of Earth’s early atmosphere: Current thinking about the origin and chemistry of sulfur MIF in the Archean


The discovery of Mass-Independent Sulfur (MIF-S) in Earth’s most ancient sedimentary successions transformed thinking about the atmosphere and Earth’s early environments. Links were made to atmospheric oxygen levels and atmospheric chemical states, providing new reasons to explore atmospheric chemistry in primitive atmospheres and to understand the origin and transfer of the MIF-S signals throughout Earth’s early environments. We will examine the literature on the nature, production, chemistry, and links to environment of MIF-S. Throughout the course, discussions will be supplemented with additional information from my papers and expertise. We will also make sure to discuss parallels with other systems where S-MIF is present ( Mars, modern Earth, and the Solar Nebula).


  • James FARQUHAR (Univ. of Maryland, USA)
  • Dates and location: March 12, 19 (room P04) and April 2, 5 (room P07), 16 (room P05); 9am-1pm; IPGP Cuvier
  • Language : English
  • Validation: 2 points